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Money Saving Travel Times

February 14th, 2013 — 1:45am

Monsoon Season Travel

We all want to ensure we get the most bang for our buck when it comes to travel, I suppose that’s why we started Check In Tonight we love money saving travel and besides, the more money we save on things, the longer we can stay on vacation! So when you’re planning your next holiday why not consider travelling during the traditional monsoonal season?

It can be a great way to save some money!

Money Saving Travel Tips from Check In Tonight

The monsoon season in South East Asia, is often classed as ‘off-season’ in the travel industry as the weather patterns are at their most extreme, often making it generally unpleasant for most travelers. Often though, international flights and accommodation are far cheaper during this time as companies attempt to boost lagging tourism revenues and enable you to find great deals.

This is potentially an opportunity to secure a fantastic bargain for your next holiday and in some locations the weather may only inhibit your travel plans a little bit. For example, in Cambodia during the monsoonal season (June through October) you can expect a pretty big downpour each and every day in the late afternoon.  It may hinder your plans but there is something magical about sitting down under an umbrella sipping a beer and watching the world go by – Cambodian style.

The great thing is, it only lasts a while and you will find that the remainder of the day is pretty much fine and perfect for sight-seeing.  You will also need to consider your travel plans – in some locations roads become closed in the monsoon season. I recently travelled India during monsoon, you need to be careful there.

Shoulder season travelling

Another option to save some cash is to consider traveling during the shoulder season when the weather conditions are a little better. Shoulder season occurs between the high season and off-season, and travel expenses are usually very reasonable. Also, as it will occur twice a year in most regions, i.e. Autumn and Spring, there is more freedom and flexibility with bookings.

Have you got any travel tips for saving money while you’re travelling?  We are always looking for helpful travel tips for our loyal followers at Check In Tonight. Let us know!

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